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12 years experience on PVC vinyl flooring.

All floors are designed and manufactured in Shandong, China, where we have full quality control at every stage of the process, we keep our SPC, LVT vinyl flooring  with premium quality.

Over time, we have finely tuned our quality technical specification to deliver a tightly and high-standard specification that we are confident is above the industry standards.

MONET flooring complies with the requirements in the US, CARB Phase 2 and Europe green standard, below quantification limit of formaldehyde of construction products.

1. Raw Material Test

PVC powder test

Decor film test

Decor film thickness test

Underlay thickness test

Underlay width test

Carton test

2. Production Inspection

Depth test

Gloss test

Height difference test

Board length test

Board width test

Board thickness test

Board opening test

Board bending test

Board squareness test

3. Laboratory Tests

Wear layer test

Scratch test

Crack and break test

Bending test

Stretch test

Boiling test